Drug Trafficking

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Drug Trafficking | Drug Lawyer

Drug Trafficking | Drug Lawyer


Oklahoma drug trafficking cases are judged quite harshly.   Trafficking is determined by the weight or amount of the drug that is found in your possession. Trafficking charges do not allow for a deferred sentence. Regardless of what drug is charged under a trafficking statute every trafficking offense carries up to Life in prison and mandates a minimum of 85% of the sentence be completed before becoming eligible for parole.  Therefore it is vital that your legal defense is knowledgeable and aggressive to get the charges dismissed or amended.

Oklahoma Drug Trafficking weights:

Marijuana : 25lbs to 999lbs. 1,000lbs or above is aggravated trafficking.

Cocaine: 28grams to 449grams. 450grams or above is aggravated trafficking.

Heroin: 10grams or more.

Methamphetamine (Meth): 20grams to 449grams. 450gram or above is aggravated trafficking.

LSD (Acid): 1gram or more.

Cocaine Base (crack): 5grams or more.

MDMA (Ecstasy): 30 tablets or 10grams of mixture or substance that contains a detectable about or MDMA.