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Clear Your Record Bayat Law Firm Can Help

Clear Your Record Bayat Law Firm Can Help


Expungement is the sealing of the criminal record that is normally open to the public’s view. Getting your case expunged can be exceptionally valuable legal tool. Keeping employers from finding out about criminal charges you once had so you can land that new job or keep  your current job is an important resource to have available. There are numerous reason’s one would want there record expunged from; jobs, to spouse, and significant others. Perhaps, you just do not like the idea of people judging you based on something you were acquitted of or had dismissed, or something you did when you were younger. Whatever the reason an expungement can seal your records so no one will know about any criminal history you may have.

Not every case is eligible to be expunged and each case must qualify under the statute used to be able to be expunged. For example Felony convictions cannot be expunged, along with certain other charges.

There are two (2) different types of Expungements. I usually compare the two types to cleaning the kitchen table with soap versus cleaning it with bleach.  When the table is cleaned with soap the surface is clean at first glance, but when viewed under a microscope there will still be bacteria or germs on the table. However, when bleach is used on the same counter the surface is  cleaned, and the bleach has killed any and all remnants of germs or bacteria.

“The Soap Expungment”

Section 991 (c) of Title 22 of the Oklahoma Statutes  is an expungement statute that seals criminal records after a defendant has completed a deferred sentence. This expungement seals the records that are posted online and made available through the court clerks office.

“The Bleach Expungement”

Section 18 and 19 of Title 22 of the Oklahoma Statutes is an expungement statute that seals the criminal records after various criteria is met. This expungement not only seals the records that are posted online and at the clerks office, but also the records maintained by the District Attorney’s office, the jail, the arresting agency, and OSBI. This type of expungement is considered  more thorough way of cleaning a record but is of course more rigorous to attain.

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